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Meet Tucker!

Tucker is a an adorable young male, a little over 2 years old, who is white with liver ticking and a liver head. Tucker is also a bit overweight and will need someone who will make sure he gets plenty of exercise to help him lose a few pounds, and keep him happy.

Tucker belonged to a loving family, that unfortunately, fell on some difficult times and asked the rescue to find a new home for him. Of course we offered to help. We are grateful when families reach out to rescue for help rather than taking them to the county shelters. Because Tucker’s family reached out, we were able to learn a lot about him for his future family.

Tucker is a really nice dog, super sweet; house trained and crate trained. He hasn’t had a whole lot of training, however, but he does know “sit”, and “drop ball”. He loves to play with toys and LOVES to play fetch. The owner did tell us that he does not like the hose. He does pull a little bit when you first start your walk, but seems to let up a bit. Of course, this can be easily remedied with training. He has also been okay when left alone outside. There were no complaints from any of the neighbors.

His family did let us know that Tucker would bark at strangers when they approached the house, protecting the domain, but once he was introduced, he was fine. .Also, that he showed no interest in leaving the yard and jumping over the fence. He also does well with other dogs, although he is a little shy at first, but not aggressive, so slow introductions to other dogs is always recommended with any dog.

Tucker is quite a catch for someone who understands the needs of a young GSP. He will make someone a wonderful companion. He is smart, very trainable, and wants to please. A perfect foundation for a dog to thrive in his environment with the right family.

If you feel you are able to give Tucker plenty of exercise, training, a loving home, and to make him part of your family please apply here.

If you are interested in adopting a young dog like Tucker, we recommend a few visits to the rescue to educate yourselves about the breed, and interacting with the young dogs, walking them, and playing with them. At these visits, you will be able to speak with our volunteers who can answer any questions and address concerns you may have about a particular dog you are interested in. These visits are by appointment only after you have completed an application. Please ask your adoption counselor how to set up a visit!


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