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Meet Tucker!

Tucker dsc_2012 w64Tucker is a 2-3 year old brown and white male GSP mix. He is active and strong. He originally lived in a home with a rabbit and small dogs and played with neighbor dogs often. We’ve had him in the field with other dogs, and he has done well with both dogs and people.

Tucker has had training and knows commands such as “sit”, “lay down”, “wait”, “stay”, “heel”, “leave-it” and will release from a stay on “okay”.

He lived with a family with children although we think he’d do best with older children. He also lived in a home with an indoor rabbit previously.

Tucker can be protective of his home and family and will need a family that can work with him to continue his training, manage him and ensure he gets lots of exercise.

If you feel your active lifestyle is a good match for Tucker, please apply here.

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