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Meet Turbo!

Turbo DSC_4089x8x6

Turbo, just like his name, is a young “supercharged” male German Shorthaired Pointer. This beautiful boy is about a year and a half old with an abundance of GSP energy and very little or no training.

Turbo was found as a stray, and taken to a shelter. It seems almost impossible to imagine someone giving up such an amazing dog, but we have seen this more times than we can count, where someone doesn’t realize the intense energy of a young GSP, and has no idea how to manage it.

Turbo exemplifies what we love about the breed. He is beautiful and energetic. While most people don’t seem to understand how much exercise a young energetic GSP needs, we’re confident we can find someone that does, and will give him a forever home.

Turbo is a very loving boy, that loves people of all ages. He gets along with other dogs, and seems to do well with other animals as well! We recently had him out at the OC Pet Expo, and he made fast friends with one of the horses there!

We are looking for an active home where Turbo will get plenty of exercise and training so he can thrive in his environment!

If you are interested in learning more about this incredible boy, please apply here.

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