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Meet Ty!

Ty Bio (2)Meet Ty! A 10 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer who is just as sweet as they come. Ty loves people of all ages, and gets along great with other dogs. This easy-going dog even seems to ignore cats! Ty is easy going mellow and sweet – although he has his peppy, excited moments!  He would be a perfect fit for any home.

Ty’s journey to the California GSP Rescue began with a phone call, telling his rescuer that a dog had been tied to her fence overnight! She immediately went out to check, only to find a sweet, older GSP had been “given” to her. After several hours of walking and driving through her neighborhood to try and find the owner, she reached out to the local shelter to see if someone was looking for this sweetheart – she saw what a love he was and couldn’t believe that somebody would just dump him. She also reached out to the rescue to help place him, as one of her own pack wasn’t overly accepting of the newcomer. Animal Control felt he should come to them first, in case an owner came forward, and Ty’s new guardian angel brought him to the shelter and also made sure we knew where he was. Of course, we monitored him and our volunteer was there to pick up Ty a soon as he was made available.

Ty came to us with a large lump on his neck and some cloudy eyes. We feared that these may have been serious conditions, and the reason he was abandoned. However, he has since seen our vet and the lump has been removed. Dr. Kang feels the lump was of a benign nature. His eyes are also not as bad as once thought and he is currently receiving eye drops to reduce the swelling. The treatment is long-term, but if it works his eyesight should be back to normal. He obviously sees now, but we are hoping the eye drops will help him regain more sight.  Things are looking up for Ty, thanks to the California GSP Rescue!  Now all he needs is a forever home!

If you have room in your home and your heart for Ty, please apply here.

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