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Meet Vader!

Vader is a young male GSP Mix just a little under 2 years old. His Mother was a liver and white German Shorthaired Pointer, and his Father, an all white Boxer.

Vader came to us as an owner relinquishment, as he had begun showing some dominance and food aggression towards their female dog, and they felt they could not manage it. 

He is very loving and affectionate with people, and has done well with kids. He is on the petite side, weighing approximately 40 to 45 lbs. He has a full tail. He pulls a little on a leash, but responds with a gentle leader. He responds well using treats with training, and knows the commands “sit” and “stay”. He also responds to the “release” command. Vader is a little bundle of energy who loves to play fetch, and loves rope toys and Frisbees. He also loves playing in the water. 

Vader lived outside with his owners other dogs, so he is not likely house trained, but he has been used to being in a crate although they did report that he occasionally will pee in the kennel but never poop.  His owner said he is not a digger.

The perfect home for Vader will be with someone who will allow him to live inside the home and be part of the family. He is a young pup, so making sure he gets plenty of attention, affection, playtime and continued training and exercise is a must. He is treat motivated, so training him should be fairly easy. If there are other dogs in the home, they will need to be managed around food. He will also need a secure yard.

If you feel your active lifestyle would be a good fit for Vader, please apply here.‚Äč


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