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Meet Yuma!

Yuma is a beautiful 2 year old female German Shorthaired Pointer. She lived in an apartment, and her owner was unable to give her the time and exercise she needed, and decided to give her to a friend who had a house with a yard. Unfortunately, they did not realize the abundance of energy a 2 year old GSP has, and were unprepared for the time and attention Yuma required, and reached out to us to help.

Yuma is a sweet girl, housetrained and crate trained and rides well in a car. She does well with other dogs, but is not a candidate for a cat home. She appears to have had a little bit of training and is responsive. Loves people, and getting attention and affection.

The perfect home for Yuma would be with a person or family who is very active and are committed to give her the daily exercise she needs. Having a yard for her to stretch her legs and run and play is essential.  A walk around the block is not enough for a young GSP like Yuma. She needs to run and play for several hours a day. GSP’s make great running and hiking buddies, and even if you are not a runner, we recommend getting a tow leash to attach to a bicycle and let your GSP run alongside you. As we always say… a tired GSP is a happy GSP! 

If you feel your active lifestyle is ready for a young energetic GSP, please apply here.


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