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Meet Zephyr!

Zephyr is a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer looking for just the right home.  This smart boy will thrive with attention, training, and exercise and needs a home that won’t give up on him!  Zephyr was adopted twice from the shelter, who reached out to the CA GSP Rescue when he was also returned twice.

Zephyr’s “problems” are pretty typical GSP characteristics. He is able to pop a latch on the fence, and can jump over some fences – particularly if there is something fun to chase on the other side! We imagine, people with GSP experience are smiling and nodding their head about now – most of us have seen a challenge or two by our own smart and athletic GSPs! Zephyr is such a sweet dog, and so willing to learn, we think he’d be worth adding a lock to the gate, and some height to the fence! We think he’d enjoy the companionship of another dog, and lots of attention from his human family as well!

Zephyr has been very playful with dogs at the Rescue. He enjoys the toys in the field, and loves his walks. Believe it or not, he is even pretty good on a leash. Not something often seen in a young GSP!  As a young GSP, he needs exercise and attention. The attention will be no problem at all, he will remind you when he needs a pet.

Do you think you might be a good home for Zephyr, or another young GSP?  If so, please apply here

If you are interested in adopting a young dog like Zephyr, we recommend a few visits to the rescue to educate yourselves about the breed, and interacting with the young dogs, walking them, and playing with them. At these visits, you will be able to speak with our volunteers who can answer any questions and address concerns you may have about a particular dog you are interested in. These visits are by appointment only after you have completed an application. Please ask your adoption counselor how to set up a visit!

If Zephyr isn’t the right dog for you, you can still help this sweet boy find his forever home!

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