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In Memory of LeRoy, “Our Sweetest Friend”

LeRoy in memory RIP heaven loveIn Loving Memory of LeRoy, “Our Sweetest Friend”… A few years ago, Tony and Doug visited California GSP Rescue to adopt a GSP that would get along with their rescued Lab, Molly. They met LeRoy who fit in and got along great with Molly.

We recently received word that Doug and Tony lost LeRoy to cancer which has stolen more years from GSP’s lives than anything else. Doug and Tony wrote the following tribute to share with everyone:

“LeRoy, our sweetest friend lost his battle with cancer, and passed on Monday January 19, 2015. LeRoy was part of our family for only two years, however we know that his last two years were his absolute best. And even though our hearts are breaking, we find solace in knowing that the power of love is so much greater than the pain of loss.”

While we mourn with Doug and Tony the loss of their beloved LeRoy, we are forever grateful for the love they gave him in the short few years they had him.

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