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In Memory of Lily

Lily sweetA few years ago, Jeff and Lana inquired about rescuing a German Shorthaired Pointer.  After several conversations, we invited them to come out to meet Roxie (later renamed Lily), one of the dogs that we had recently taken into the rescue. Well, she hit the jackpot. We frequently received many wonderful updates about Lily and the positive impact she had on their lives. Sadly, earlier this month we received word that Lily had suddenly passed away. Lana writes:

“Our beloved Lily passed away on 9/30/15.  We are heartbroken beyond words.  Jeff told me that he can’t even talk about it because it makes him cry and I just burst out crying at random moments. She suddenly started to have seizures yesterday afternoon, by the time we got her to the vet, she had so many seizures that she wasn’t responding to treatment at all, and given her age, it was best for her to pass on. We stayed with her until the very end and as we left, Keira said “bye bye. It happened pretty suddenly and she didn’t suffer too much.  We just wanted to let you know because we are so grateful to the CA GSP Rescue for bringing a dog like Lily into our lives.  We know that with time we’ll be better, but right now it’s incredibly difficult.  We’ll miss her spirit and gentleness. The house is so quiet without her”.

As a rescue, we always hope that we can find such wonderful families to adopt one of our dogs. Even as their family grew with the birth Lily’s little human sister, Keira, Lily remained an integral part of their family. We are so grateful to Jeff and Lana for providing one of our ‘older’ dogs such a wonderful and loving home for the past few years!

We wanted to re-share a post we absolutely loved that Lana and Jeff sent to us a couple of years after they took Lily home.  Age Is Just A Number

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