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Milo is Safe!

milo_29wMilo was turned into a kill shelter in California’s Central Valley because he wasn’t getting along with the family’s other Alpha male.  Relinquishing a dog to a kill shelter is bad, but relinquishing one that may have socializing issues is worse as the shelters don’t always have the resources to work and place these dogs. The chances of a dog with issues being placed from a shelter are slim, and the likelihood that they’ll be put to sleep substantially increases.

When California GSP Rescue received word from NorCal GSP Rescue that Milo was available and needed rescuing, we didn’t hesitate to commit to taking him. Being in the Central Valley makes transporting to Southern California a little more challenging, but with the help of Volunteers Robin and Lisa from NorCal GSP Rescue, the wheels started turning and plans started being made.

Communicating with Volunteer Teri of California GSP Rescue, Milo’s transport was arranged. Early last Saturday Milo was pulled from the shelter by Volunteer Rob who took him to meet Volunteer Donna of DPS Rescue, who transported him to Southern California where he was then transported by Greg on his final leg to California GSP Rescue.

Ironically, Milo hasn’t had any issues with any of the other dogs he has met since being relinquished to the shelter, which brings into question what were the issues with the family’s other Alpha male, and could these issues have been managed. We’ll be working with Milo to socialize and see what challenges may (or may not) lie ahead. When we know a little more about him, we’ll find a home that can help deal with any issues. In the meantime, Milo is safe!

A big thanks to Robin for always being on top of the dogs needing assistance; Lisa for finding Rob and Donna; Rob for pulling Milo from the shelter and meeting Donna; Donna for driving and keeping him until Milo could be transported; and Teri who helped coordinate the transport from the receiving end. As you can see, it isn’t an easy task to save one dog, but requires the dedication and commitment of several individuals to get him one step closer to his forever home.

Stay tuned for more on Milo.  He will be available for adoption soon!



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