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Minnie Is Adopted!

Minnie_Rebekah_David_DSC_0352w64My Minnie is now Rebekah and David’s Minnie.  We fostered her for three months and had no idea when her right family would come along.  Rebekah and David showed up and took an immediately liking to Minnie’s small size and her shy demeanor.  They’d had experience with shy dogs. If I could have written a wish list of the right adopter for Minnie it would have been Rebekah and David.

Fast forward a month, David and Rebekah have been on a roller coaster with Minnie.  They realized she was shy, but she is more work than they had planned.  They work methodically at small tasks with Minnie.  Sometimes Minnie cooperates and sometimes Minnie is not ready.  However, they work with her.  David has made huge progress with Minnie as her fears are much stronger with men than with women.  She will even follow him out of the room or sit next to him on the couch.  She is what I might call a “project” dog.

As another volunteer recently reminded me, the ones that take the most work capture your heart the most and Minnie certainly captured mine and is doing the same with David and Rebekah.

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