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Minnie’s New Life

Minnie-in-waterWe are always thankful for our many wonderful adopters.  A great joy for all of us is to get updates from adopters on how things are going with their GSP….it is what makes volunteering worth it.

Minnie was special for many reasons 1.  Her background was a case of neglect.  2.  She was incredibly shy and fearful when she came into rescue.  3. She was a mix which is always harder to find a home for. And 4. We could see the sweet dog inside that fearful shell.

Minnie was a special needs girl or a “project dog”.  Minnie went into foster care and came out of her shell a bit…enough to find a family that could see the dog that Minnie has in her.

David and Rebekeh adopted Minnie knowing they had a big project to work on.  Rebekeh will say that David did not walk a straight line in their home for a couple of months after adoption for fear of disturbing Minnie.  However, they are both committed, diligent, and have a vision of what Minnie can be with their guidance.  They work on this project dog continually with the greatest of rewards for their work.

The rewards are clear in this picture. This is not something Minnie could have enjoyed a few months ago.  Minnie, as you can see, is learning to enjoy life and let her guard down…even chasing the water at the beach.  David takes her daily to the water and she is now playing in the waves and enjoying her life with her family.

It is a great joy for us to see our former CA GSP Rescue dogs go to such wonderful homes and thrive like this.

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