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Minnie’s Progress – Month Two

Minnie15-290x290When we look back at Minnie over the last few months we think of how big her strides have been and yet how small they are compared to most dogs.  She has come from a dog that is afraid of walking on a leash to a dog that pulls on her leash and doesn’t flinch when cars or dogs walk by.

Minnie originally did not want to come out of the car to go into the house and now she will, with a little coaxing, jump out to come into the house.  She knows that car rides often mean another walk and therefore now willingly jumps into the car.

She is very shy in the field on Saturdays, and lets her foster mom know how much she wants to be with her; but becomes less shy with new people and even allows others to train her and pet her.  She will often, but not always, take treats from her foster mom.

She perches on the couch observing everyone’s activity and wanting to be part of the family.  She is gentle in every way, and would never hurt a dog or a person.  She would love to find a bunny and chase it all over the yard.  She would love to have a soft plush toy to call her own.  All of these things you may say your dog already does, but for Minnie these are big steps of progress.

She still has much progress to make and waits for that calm, patient, loving family to come along so she can make that next step of progress.  In the meantime, we get the opportunity to love Minnie each day, and for her to teach us as much about a shy dog and their needs as we teach her about an un-scarey world.

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