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Minnie’s Progress – Week 2

We’ve had Minnie in foster care for approximatley two weeks now.  She is a petite shy girl and this is the first time her foster family has had such a shy girl so we are learning as much about shy dogs as she is about the world.

At first it took us a long time to walk a mile as she wanted to stop for every car and every noise.  Her tail was often tucked the first few days.  In a short time she has made great strides.  Her tail is up more than down, she eats with us nearby, she does not stop on her walk to watch every noise or car, she doesn’t hide in the house when the family is around the kitchen.  She continues to follow her foster mom around with as much trust as she can muster.  We can see glimpses of the dog that Minnie will someday be as she lets her guard down with each passing day.

She is also still fearful.  She is more afraid of men than women and is fearful of her interaction with her foster father.  Her foster father is working very hard to gain her trust and is now the primary feeder of Minnie and trying to get her to walk with him.  He is working hard and she is working hard to allow herself to trust him, but this will come slowly for Minnie and will require patience on her foster family’s part.

Overall we’ve decided that her achievements are great for little Minnie.  She isn’t the same dog today as she was two weeks ago and we’re looking forward to sharing her progress with you as we go through this journey with Minnie.

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