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Minnie’s Progress – Week 4

We are loving and learning right alongside Minnie. Minnie came to us as a shy young girl and still is shy. Men are far more scary than women for her, and her foster father has been particularly scarey. He gets down near the ground trying to pet her and she often has rejected him, but Minnie is beginning to turn the corner with him. She has been following him upstairs. She keeps a safe distance from him but is interested in what he’s doing and it is a big step for her to follow him upstairs like this. She has even decided that she will sleep on the dog bed next to him on the couch.

While these may not sound like big steps for most dogs, for Minnie these are big steps forward. We continue to see the puppy in Minnie come out each week as her guard comes down and she learns that people are good.

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