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Moose and Skye are Adopted!

Moose_Skye_Lynda_Robert_DSC_3427w64When Moose and Skye came to the Rescue, it seemed clear they were bonded and would do best in a home together. Finding a home that can take two dogs is not always easy, but luckily this pair gets along very well with other dogs too, which made the task a bit easier.

When previous adopters Robert and Lynda expressed an interest in the pair, we were thrilled! We knew they could handle integrating the pair into their home. They have since written to tell us how well all the dogs are getting along and how easy Moose and Skye, now Nullah and Indy, have been.

We are very grateful to Robert and Lynda for coming back to the Rescue again, and so thankful to them for giving this wonderful pair a forever home!

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