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Moose Is Adopted!

Moose, a 4 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, adopted and returned for being “too dependent”, finds an amazing family to appreciate all of his excellent qualities!

Moose was adopted briefly, but was brought back because they were used to a more “independent” dog. Besides being a typical “Velcro Dog”, we didn’t know too much about him except that Moose had little or no training, but seemed quite smart and willing to learn.

We received an application that couldn’t have been more perfect for Moose. Jason had experience with raising, training and loving a Vizsla for 14 1/2 years, and also had experience training a 4 year old GSP. The time was right for he and Sarah to add a dog to their own family, and they wanted a GSP.  We were thrilled and impressed with Jason’s experience and willingness to provide the training and attention Moose would need to thrive in a home.

Jason had been carefully planning and putting things in a shopping cart he would need for his new dog. This was a long awaited plan, just waiting for the right dog, and we were thrilled that we were able to fit Jason and Sarah with their new family member. We have received several updates from Jason and Sarah, and we couldn’t be happier for Moose! As you will see, this family is exactly what he needed!

“Moose, Sarah, & I are really doing great! We are over the moon with excitement! He is getting used to his crate. He has only barked once when we put him in the crate for the night and tried to open the door with his paw for 2-3 minutes. After that, 1-2 minutes of whimpering. We have a pretty good schedule going. Moose & I spend all day together, typically 2 hours in the Off-Leash Dog Park in the AM or a 1 Hour Walk, training in the afternoon broken up into (2) 20-30 minute sessions along with a 1-2 hour nap for both of us, we have dinner at 5:30/6PM, then have another hour to 90 minute walk in the evening, then watch TV as a family before bed at 10PM.

The video we saw on your Facebook page about biking with your GSP is very interesting and I may test out as it gets hotter to tire Moose out faster with the limitations on the amount of time we spend outside. I’ve already taken to bringing out a cooler backpack, a bag with Treats, Cold Water, and a Travel Bowl on our outings.

Moose is adapting well to life with us and is so loving. We’re working on his resource guarding in relation to any ball. In general he is incredibly friendly and interested in other dogs, doesn’t bark often, and plays well with other dogs, but if another dog approaches him while he has his ball in any spirited way or is close to getting his ball when he chases after it or their ball for that matter, he growls and sometimes snaps at them. He will take balls from other dogs as well since he’s typically the fastest dog in the park. By contrast if he isn’t even close to being able to take another dog’s ball or get to his own before another dog, he’s ok with it.

He has never growled at me and allows me to pull food and ball from his mouth, although the ball presents more difficulty, but we’re working on that. He listens well in the house, but is distracted in public, and we’re working on that.

We’re both so proud of the progress he’s made in such a short time and are encouraged by his intelligence and temperament.

Moose and I had our training session today trying out his backpack and travel/training pad. He’s doing so well. He learned to “Backup” today, and we’re reinforcing “Stays”, “Wait”, “Laydown/Relax”, and “Heel”. His progress is amazing! He is so very smart and mature. I think we will complete Obedience 2 this week or next.

Thank you so much for giving us both the opportunity and support to make all three of our lives better”.

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