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My Name is Good Boy! (aka Mac)

Foster Lady keeps calling me “Good Boy” – but my name is Mac! She seems to like me a lot, which is cool, ’cause I really like her. I try to show her by wagging my tail A LOT every time I see her. The Foster Dude is pretty cool too and he gives awesome belly rubs, one of my favorite things in the whole world! I visit his desk many times a day to make sure he isn’t getting lonely. Well, I also visit for an ear scratch too.

I figured after a few days, they might remember my name is Mac, but they keep calling me Good Boy. When I wait at the door to be invited out, they call me Good Boy. When I walk right next to her through the neighborhood, Foster Lady calls me Good Boy. I sit, stay, and roll over when she tells me to, and she calls me Good Boy. They look so amazed when I do what they say, but they are such easy things to do! I’ve been doing them a long time – ever since I was a young dog! I did learn to do something new, though. The skinny kid who looks like Foster Lady taught me something called “high five”. This is a pretty fun thing to do, and I get a little cookie for it! It’s a really good deal.

So, I guess if they want to call me Good Boy, that’s okay. I’ll do my best to be one for my new friends.

*A special note from Foster Lady: Mac has truly been the smartest dog we’ve ever fostered! He’s as velcro as any GSP, mellow, sweet and affectionate. Foster Dude and I started out with only purebred GSPs. Since volunteering for the CA GSP Rescue, we’ve fostered many GSP mixes and have found they have many of the great GSP qualities, in a little more cooperative package! Mac is mellow but playful and so well behaved. If you are interested in meeting him, please Apply to Adopt



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