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Nemo is Safe!

NemoNot All Rescued Dogs Come From Shelters

Not all the dogs that come to the California GSP Rescue come from shelters. Some dogs come from private owners who contact us because they are no longer able to care for their dog. Some owners never took the time to educate themselves about the breed and have learned the meaning of “active” the hard way. Other owners have had a major life changing event, and are faced with having to make a difficult decision that most anyone reading this post has no comprehension how or why they could make the same decision. Then there are the other owners.

Some owners care no more about their dogs than they do an old pair of tennis shoes buried in the back of their closet. At one time they served a purpose, and were utilized to bring pleasure. Not anymore. Now the pair of once new sneakers sit waiting for the proverbial “spring cleaning” and to be donated.

Fourth of July

Nemo lived with two other dogs and regularly played well with other dogs. Unfortunately, a bad decision was made when a new puppy was dropped off by a family member. The day this happened is important. The Fourth of July.

Sometime, most likely after the fireworks started going off and the dogs became anxious and excited, Nemo “attacked” the puppy. How or why it happened, no one knows. The dogs had been left alone while the family enjoyed the fireworks.

Things get a little clearer

Sometime after the fireworks, the incident was discovered. The jury of the immediate family members were quick to determine Nemo needed to go. Postings for a free dog were quickly put up on Facebook and Craigslist. The dangers of giving a dog away on the internet are high, but giving a dog that has “attacked” another dog could be a much worse fate for the free dog. Giving away an intact dog, well, that’s a whole other story.

The owner had originally found Nemo through a posting on the internet from someone looking to give up their dog because they were moving. Just under two years had gone by with no issues. Nemo played with other dogs and got along with the two dogs he lived with. Everything had been good until the Fourth of July.

Fortunately, part of the family was advocating for the owner to keep Nemo and investigate what might have happened. Possibly get help to assess and train him. The owner was adamant. Nemo must go. He didn’t care where, he just wanted him gone.

One of the family members quickly reached out to anyone that might help. Because Nemo was a “GSP”, the family member contacted California GSP Rescue to see if we would assist.

Helping With GSP Mixes

California GSP Rescue is very careful about taking in dogs that aren’t purebred German Shorthaired Pointers. After hearing Nemo’s story and greatly concerned of his fate if we didn’t help, we inquired requesting more information and photos. The original owner had said he was purebred and the second owner, not knowing the breed, had no idea he wasn’t. Someone had mentioned he might be a GSP/Lab Mix.

We met the family member that had reached out to us and evaluated Nemo. There were a few concerns. The incident with the other dog was the main concern but also Nemo being given away intact was another concern. Watching his behavior and learning more about him during the evaluation, we grew more confident we might be able to help find him a forever home. Nemo was safe.

Further Evaluation

Initially we suspected he might need to be an only dog because of the incident but after further evaluating him, he might integrate into a multi-dog home. However, we are certain it would need to be with the right dogs. It has taken a little time for him to warm up to some of the dogs he has been around.

Nemo was a little skittish when he was first evaluated but warmed up a short time later. This isn’t unusual. He still appears uncertain if anyone raises their voice but will quickly warm when offered pets.

We’ve also learned the following about Nemo:

He knows his name and is pretty good with recall unless he is afraid.

He has gotten along with all well socialized dogs he has been introduced but was slow to warm to a few. We’re uncertain why, but he later engaged and played with these dogs too.

He will go in a crate, although, sometimes he is reluctant.

He is house trained and knows how to use a doggy door.

He is a lover. Nemo likes being close and getting pets which we contribute to the GSP in him!

How You Can Help Nemo

Like all the dogs California GSP Rescue places, we are looking for the perfect home for Nemo. California GSP Rescue will be getting him neutered and evaluating him further to learn and share moreĀ  information with potential adopters. There is an amazing home looking for a dog like Nemo. We are asking your help. Please share this post with friends and family and help us find his forever home.

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