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Nemo’s Zipper

Recently, Nemo had a surgery to remove a few large masses. One growth was so large that it required a rather long incision on his side that, after stitched up, resembles a zipper. Like most GSPs, the major surgery only slowed him down for little more than a day.  For the next several days he had to be watched and walked in a smaller area so he wouldn’t pull out his stitches playing in the field. Nemo certainly felt punished as he would have much rather been playing in the field with the other dogs. “Nemo’s Zipper” was an expense that CA GSP Rescue paid to see that he remained healthy and adoptable. We rely on donations to help pay for needed surgeries and are asking for your support in helping pay for Nemo’s Surgery. Please click on the ChipIn link below to make a donation. Every dollar that you can spare is appreciated before the ChipIn ends on March 31st. Thank you!

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