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“Lucky” GSP Nitro Is Safe!

Nitro Safe GSPSome dogs are luckier than others and there is little doubt Nitro is luckier than most. Luckily he was found by an animal control officer tied to a tree. No tags, no microchip, no information. Just tied to a tree.

When he was taken to the local shelter, they did an intake and classified him as a Lab Mix. Since he wasn’t classified as a GSP or GSP Mix, he was very lucky California GSP Rescue was notified about him. One of the volunteers just happened to be scanning the shelters looking for another GSP that someone had emailed about when they saw a photo of the Lab Mix. A few emails and phone calls later we learned a little more of Nitro’s story. “Active” and “untrained” were two familiar words used to describe him. With a better description, California GSP Rescue made the commitment to rescue him from the shelter.

Transporting dogs from Central California to Southern California is always a challenge. Normally the shelters require someone from the rescue to show up and claim the dog. However, we were fortunate, and Nitro was lucky, to learn that shelter volunteer Anita was willing to make the several hour journey to bring Nitro to us.  So several days and emails after this “Lab Mix” was found tied to a tree, Nitro embarks with shelter volunteer Anita on his way to California GSP Rescue. One step closer for this lucky dog in finding his forever home.

A BIG shout out to shelter volunteer Anita for helping Nitro get from the shelter to California GSP Rescue.

While Nitro is with us, he is continually being evaluated. Definitely “active” without much training, but he is young and responsive.

We’ll have more about him very soon. If you would like to help this lucky dog by sponsoring him, please, consider making a small donation below. It will help us provide the food and care for Nitro as well as the other dogs in our care. Thank you in advance for supporting our efforts.

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