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Nori is Adopted!

Nori CAGSPRescue GSP Rescue PointerNori is Adopted! Heidi and Ryan are likely some of the most joyful adopters we have seen recently.  They have a very playful french pointer named Rowdy, and were looking for a playful pal for him. We planned for them to come out (a very long drive), and meet Nori, but unfortunately had to delay the visit when Nori came down with a little cough.  Kennel cough can be common in a multi-dog situation, and a dog with a good immune system can easily get over it given a little time and rest.  Luckily this only delayed their visit and adoption of Nori a week, but also gave them time to get her a bed and some things for Nori’s homecoming.

They came out and met just Nori and were smitten, as was Rowdy, their french pointer.  Both played nicely in the field and felt she was a perfect fit. They took Nori home and renamed her Lucky (they felt they were so lucky to have her that she should be named Lucky).

They have emailed us some pictures, and have truly been smitten with Lucky from the first moment they met her.

Watch our Facebook page later today, as we will be sharing a couple of those photos!

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