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Nori is Safe!

Nori A1145668We were notified about Nori shortly after she showed up at a local shelter. Having worked with the shelter previously and knowing that they had a good adoption program, we were surprised when the shelter reached out to California GSP Rescue and asked if we could help. We thought for sure this cute little girl would be snapped up in a New York minute, but we didn’t wait an instant. Once Volunteer Victoria heard about her, she juggled her schedule so she could be available to help. Within twenty four hours of being notified, Nori was safe!

A big thanks to Adoption Coordinator Jennifer for reaching out to us, and Volunteer Victoria for taking the time to help transport.

If you don’t know, California GSP Rescue is an all volunteer organization made up of dedicated individuals like Victoria that want to make the world a better place one dog at a time.

Watch our website for more on Nori as we get to know this beautiful girl.  Also check out our Facebook Page throughout the day for some photos of Nori’s journey to safety!

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