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November is Adopt-A-Senior Month


Senior dogs often stay at the rescue much longer, waiting for that special someone to give them a forever home.  It can be heart-wrenching to see these wonderful dogs, full of love, passed by. These are the “easy” dogs. They enjoy a nice walk, a good scratch behind the ears, and a nice soft bed. In return, they usually come fully trained and greet you at the door after a hard-days work with a wagging tail and a face full of love.

People worry about the heartbreak of not having the dog long enough, however, when we hear from previous adopters of our seniors, it is almost unanimous; even though they would  love to have the dog for longer, it feels great to give a senior a wonderful home for the rest of their life – and the adopters feel they get so much in return from their “new” dog!

Please check out the slide show of some of our gentle seniors and consider adopting an “easy dog”.

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