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Oakley Goes Camping!

Oakley GSP CampingWe love hearing from adopters and especially enjoy updates where the dogs are included in family activities. Oakley was adopted a few years ago and we recently received this update from Michael.

I have been taking Oakley camping so I thought I would share a few pics, he is doing really great. He loves to run along side the quad runner, probably come from the daily bike rides. I was apprehensive on the first camp trip but it turns out he stays in camp so now he goes on most outings.

We bicycle almost every morning and with cooler weather on the way we should be able to go out more at night. He still plays with and chews up every stuffed animal I bring home so the limit is one a week. Could not ask for a better companion, Thanks for letting us adopt each other and thanks for your involvement with the rescue.

Thank you Michael for giving an adult GSP a forever home!

Check out our Facebook page throughout the day for more photos of Oakley in his new home!

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