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Obi is Safe!

Obi shelter saved safe dogNews of Obi

There are times when California GSP Rescue is more concerned about GSPs and GSP Mixes at the shelters. July is one of those times. Shelters have limited space and the Fourth of July always brings an influx of dogs. The stray unclaimed dogs will be held for adoption a shorter amount of time after the mandatory holding period is up. Obi was an adult GSP Mix that showed up at a local shelter before the Fourth of July. The shelter’s kennels would likely fill with strays after the Fourth of July. Dogs like Obi that had already been held their mandatory holding period would likely be euthanized.

The shelter had held Obi for the mandatory holding period to see if his owner would show to claim him. California GSP Rescue was notified about him during this time and monitored his progress. When the owner didn’t show and with less than a week until the fireworks, one of the Rescue’s Volunteers went to evaluate Obi.

California GSP Rescue is dedicated to rescuing and placing German Shorthaired Pointers but, from time to time, will help the shelters with the GSP Mixes. Any young dog, purebred or mix, at the shelters tend to be more adoptable. The adult and older dogs, purebreds and mixes alike, are more likely to be euthanized as they have less chance of being adopted. Obi, being an adult GSP Mix, got less attention than the other dogs around him. However, Obi was even less adoptable because he was afraid.

Obi’s Evaluation

In the time that the shelter had held Obi for his owner to claim him, he had not adapted to his new environment. He didn’t know what to make of all the dogs barking. The sound of the water from the hose when the kennels were being cleaned made him uneasy. He didn’t know what to make of being leashed when the California GSP Rescue Volunteer showed up to assess him. After several minutes, he stepped out of his kennel but almost immediately wanted to go back in.

Obi had very little chance of being adopted from the shelter. However, he would have to be more comfortable on the leash to transport and work with him. The Shelter’s Rescue Coordinator and California GSP Rescue volunteer made arrangements to evaluate Obi a few days later. A few days is all the shelter would allow. They were anticipating an influx of dogs the week of the Fourth of July.

A few days later California GSP Rescue Volunteer went back to the shelter to re-evaluate Obi. The Rescue Coordinator made the necessary arrangements to make sure he wouldn’t be affected by barking dogs and the cleaning of the kennels. He was left of the outside of the run while all the other dogs remained on the inside. When leashed, Obi stepped out of the kennel. He took treats from the Rescue Coordinator as well as California GSP Rescue’s volunteer. He walked around the area only occasionally flinching. The evaluation went much better. Obi was safe!

Obi Makes Progress

Loading up Obi at the shelter was a little challenging but once back at the Rescue, he did well on a leash. His initial evaluation in his new surroundings went well. There were a few barking dogs but that didn’t seem to bother him as much as it did at the shelter.

Since his initial evaluation, Obi is making substantial progress. He still is getting use to the leash but, for the most part, he is learning the leash is a positive experience. The leash means walks and playtime. While at the shelter he kept his distance from strangers and the workers, he is now warming up to the regular volunteers.

California GSP Rescue is looking forward to sharing more about Obi’s progress. However, Obi’s story is the first part in a three part series about dogs we rescued this July. Many dogs have shown up at the shelter this holiday season and California GSP Rescue is doing their part to help rescue GSPs and GSP Mixes.

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