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Onna Is Adopted!

OnnOnna Adopteda is adopted – and retired!  Yes, we said retired. Onna who once lived outdoors and in kennels, who was bred and trained to compete in field trials, is now on “permanent vacation”, as her new mom Camille says! Camille also says, “the girl is a gem. Totally in love with this little Onna. So is everyone in my life.”

We couldn’t be happier to hear what a pampered life Onna has ahead of her and we are thrilled that Camille was patient with the process. Being between two rescues, and not as close as most of our adopters, Camille was cooperative and understanding of our procedures. She truly wanted to make a difference in the life of a rescue dog!

Camille has also been patient with Onna. Life inside of a house is a new concept for her, and sometimes a bit overwhelming. Camille found a great way to deal with this transition, “When she is so terrified, in my house, just standing there tripping out on everything that is stimuli overload, I just leash her up and take her with me to do stuff around the house. Then she’s like “Oh! I know what to do!” It’s really sweet. She will come around. She doesn’t quite know how to LIVE in a house. She will get there. ”

So far, Onna is learning some of the finer parts of home living such as sleeping on the bed and counter-surfing – a new skill Camille finds herself laughing at, but will correct in time. Onna is loving her walks and big back yard, and amazing her new family with her beautiful point and training. She is also getting along well with the other dogs in the family, and even the cat! Of course, new dog/cat relations should always be taken slowly, and Camille is patient with this as well. She has written us to say, “Thank you again for this precious gift. She is a gem and now a beautiful and beloved member of our family.”  And we thank you as well, Camille!

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