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Oscar is Adopted!

Oscar GSP AdoptedOscar is Adopted! Oscar originally came to us via Pilots N Paws from Northern California. His owner surrendered him to the shelter because of some separation anxiety, and a skin problem thinking that would be the best idea, but unfortunately when there are these types of issues, their chance of getting adopted is very low, and their risk of euthanasia is very high.

Fortunately for Oscar, we were notified, and together with the help of Nor Cal GSP Rescue, several Northern and Southern California volunteers from both rescues along with Pilots N Paws, Oscar was pulled to safety and one step closer to his forever home.

Gary and Cathy applied with us to add a new member to their family after losing their GSP of 12 1/2 years. They had two female Corgies, so we needed to find them not only a dog friendly dog, but one that would also do well with small dogs.  Gary saw Oscar on our website, and it was love at first site. We tested him with the small dogs, and he passed with flying colors.

Gary and Cathy came out to meet Oscar and another dog, but Oscar was the one. There was just one more seal of approval from their Corgies, and they got along splendidly.   There was no doubt that Gary and Cathy had found their new GSP.

We have received a few updates, and there have been some challenges with Oscar, both physically and emotionally, but Gary and Cathy are completely committed to Oscar, and have consulted with a vet about some issues, and Oscar is doing great!

When you see Gary with Oscar, it is amazing to watch. The love between them is immeasurable.  We couldn’t ask for better people for Oscar, who despite a few flaws he has, they are completely devoted to making sure Oscar gets the life he deserves.


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