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Oscar is Safe!

Oscar GSP Pilot Paws Pilot Safe Rescue CAGSPRescueEarlier this month Oscar showed up at a shelter up in Northern California. At the time, he was one of three dogs in shelters needing extra attention – each dog had an issue that kept them from being easily adopted.

Oscar had been adopted and returned a short time later because of his “separation anxiety”.  In addition, it was reported he had a skin problem as well as an issue with his leg. After NorCal GSP Rescue and GSP Rescue of San Francisco Bay committed to taking the other two GSPs in need, California GSP Rescue was asked if they could assist with Oscar. Without a rescue stepping forward and knowing what the shelter knew about Oscar’s separation anxiety, Oscar’s future didn’t look so good.  We agreed to help with Oscar, and Volunteers Lisa & Cheryl with NorCal GSP Rescue started making the necessary plans to get Oscar from the shelter to California GSP Rescue. The transportation over hundreds of miles is often the biggest challenges to rescuing dogs in shelters. Fortunately, Volunteer Cheryl solicited Pilots for Paws to help, and found two pilots willing to help fly Oscar one step closer to his forever home!

A few days after the transport was arranged, Volunteer Louis picked up Oscar from the shelter and met Pilot Derek at the airport. Derek then flew Oscar to San Luis Obispo where he met Pilot Garry who had flown up from San Diego. Garry turned around and flew back to Southern California where he met California GSP Rescue Volunteer Dana and her son Josh who transported him the rest of the way. A huge thanks to all the volunteers that helped transport Oscar and make sure he was safe.

A quick note to the readers… When a transport is being arranged, times and even days can change. In addition to helping, each one of these volunteers, after committing to help, set aside several hours in the event there were changes. Thank you from all of us for giving your time to help.

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