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Otto is doing well! An update on an adopted GSP

Otto Dave Gidget Christmas Hike_w64A few years ago, Otto aka Zorro was adopted. Adopter David wrote the following:

“Otto is doing very well. He and I moved to Pasadena in November. He really loves his new yard and the abundance of squirrels on our walks. I taught him to respond to the command, “fix your leash” when it’s tangled around his feet. He lifts each leg individually until it’s out from underneath him. He’s also getting along with other dogs quite well. He’s got a companion in Gidget; a Lhasa Apso that seems to mirror his every movement and vice versa. They can’t resist sniffing the same stuff and he’s even got her interested in sitting patiently beneath trees waiting for squirrels to come down. The attached picture is of a Christmas day hike in Griffith Park. We’re looking forward to finding some good trails in Pasadena to explore.”

Thanks David for the wonderful update and great photo. We always love hearing about how well the adopted dogs are doing.

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