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Meet Capone!

Capone is a beautiful and somewhat small male German Shorthaired Pointer. At about 3, he still requires LOTS of exercise, and will gladly fetch his ball for hours!
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Cletus is Safe!

We Don’t Always Know Rescuing dogs from shelters, we often don’t know what to expect. Most of the time we are made aware of the dogs early on
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Shmi is Safe!

Another Shelter Another Dog We were flooded with emails and notifications after the Fourth of July about dogs in shelters needing attention. One of these dogs was Shmi.
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Obi is Safe!

Obi, afraid and scared at the shelter, sat waiting his fate over the Fourth of July weekend. Read what happens.
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Hitch Is Safe!

Hitch showed up at a remote shelter as a stray. As the mandatory holding period end neared, the patches of missing fur on his face and body made
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Meet Tibbs!

Tibbs is a very handsome liver and white German Shorthaired Pointer rocking the Abe Vigoda eyebrows. We believe him to be approximately 8 years old. He was picked
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