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Patton and Friends are Safe!

Patton_image001w360A few weeks ago we were notified about Patton being at a Humane Society in need of rescuing and medical attention. The Humane Society isn’t local but is in an area there isn’t always a rescue available to pull. California GSP Rescue was contacted when no other rescue could be found to assist. In situations like this, transportation is always a concern as Patton needed to travel a few hundred miles. He caught a break when Robin with National Brittany Rescue agreed to pull and hold him while transportation was arranged for Freckles, a Brittany on her way to her forever home in another state, that Patton could accompany part of the way. While arrangements were being made for Freckles & Patton, a few more Brittany’s found homes and needed to be included in the transport. Last Thursday, with the help of John from Tundra Shepherd Rescue, Patton and four other Brittanys, made their way one step closer to their forever home.

Patton has a few lumps & bumps that will be checked out by Dr Kang in the next couple of days. We’re optimistic that Patton will quickly find a forever home after the masses are removed. He is an incredibly sweet boy that longs for attention and interaction. He’ll be the perfect candidate for someone looking for a more mellow adult GSP.

A big thanks to Robin with National Brittany Rescue for really making this happen. In addition, thanks to Volunteer Nancy with National Brittany Rescue who coordinated the transport for the four Brittanys and including Patton; John with Tundra Shepherd Rescue who helped get the Brittanys and Patton to Beaumont, CA. Thanks to Michele Y and Jennifer T with the Humane Society for helping facilitate Patton’s rescue. A very special thanks to all of California GSP Rescue’s dedicated volunteers whose hard work makes it all possible. If you are interested in helping support our efforts, please, make a small donation below that will go towards Patton’s medical expenses.

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