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Peaches is Adopted!

Peaches aka Luna Rocket Scott ChristyPeaches is now Luna and has a big brother Rocket!

Christy and Scott had been waiting a while to adopt a young female.  In talking to them we knew they could be a fit for a young very active female as they typically run or walk no less than five miles per day. They also had hoped to adopt early in the summer. Unfortunately we did not have the right fit for them early in the summer but they did stick with us, and we found the right dog for them just as summer came to a close.

Christy reports that Luna is “great dog”.  She has learned to potty outside and has become quite a lap dog and enjoys both giving and getting affection. She is an active younger sibling for Rocket and is teaching him to play often.  Both Christy and Scott are guiding the dogs on when to tone down the play activity, and when the play activity is allowed.  She is learning “sit / stay” but does struggle with being still.  Rocket and Luna run together in the yard as well as at the local enclosed parks. She knows her name but they are teaching one command at a time not to overwhelm her.  They are committed to both the exercise and training a young dog like Luna (and Rocket) needs.

We couldn’t have asked for a better home for Peaches!


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