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Peaches is Safe!

Peaches A1492870Peaches was one of the five dogs we were monitoring when we were notified about Roger Dog. After the holding period was up and she wasn’t claimed by her owner, we were a little surprised she was still at the shelter when we showed up. Most of the time dogs like Peaches are claimed long before we can get to the shelter. However, we never assume that the dogs will be claimed and arrangements were made before her hold was up with Volunteer Lance who waited patiently to see if he would need to make the trip to the shelter.

When day came and the plans were put in place, Lance showed up at the shelter to get her and was amazed that a sweet dog like Peaches wasn’t claimed by her owner. Who could lose a dog like this and not look for her? Lance being raised on a farm in Georgia knows about sweet Georgia Peaches and immediately made the connection claiming she was just as sweet as any Georgia Peach. Once we met her, we knew Lance was right.

A big thanks to Lance for arranging his schedule and waiting patiently. Many of the volunteers that help pull and transport know that much of the work is waiting to see if they’ll be needed or not. Without volunteers like Lance, we wouldn’t be able to help as many dogs as we do. Please give a big thanks to Lance!

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