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Peanut and Schubert Are Safe!


Peanut and Schubert found themselves at the same shelter, one a stray, and the other adopted and returned to the same shelter because he didn’t get along with their dog.

When we were notified about these two young dogs at this remote shelter, We were not surprised. We are well aware that there are some people that don’t do their research before purchasing or adopting a young GSP with an abundance of energy. They don’t realize that they require an owner who understands the breed, and is willing to give them the training and exercise they require. As with most young GSP’s, a walk around the block isn’t what they consider exercise, but more like a warmup.


Neither dog appears to have had any training. Dogs like Schubert who was returned for not getting along with another dog, most likely was not properly socialized, and could have been euthanized at any time. 

Fortunately, California GSP Rescue was notified about them, and one of the volunteers from the rescue headed over to the shelter to save these two amazing GSP’s.

Schubert and Peanut exemplify what we love about the breed. While most people don’t seem to understand how much exercise a young energetic GSP needs, we’re confident we can find someone that does, and will work diligently to find them a forever home. We’re happy to announce Schubert and Peanut are safe, and we’ll be sharing more about them as we learn more.

We would like to thank volunteer John for alerting us about these two GSP’s in a remote shelter, and a special thank you to Betsy, two time adopter, and also a volunteer, who offered to transport them to us. Without hesitation, she agreed, and arranged her schedule to rescue these two boys.

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