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Pebbles’ Puppies!

pebbles_puppies-3Pebbles is a very active playful young girl that we received while pregnant from a local shelter along with another GSP Pretty.  Pebbles, while we didn’t know it when we got her in, was pregnant.

We have a wonderful volunteer that was willing, once Pebbles had her puppies, to take her and her puppies into her foster care.  They are almost at the point where they can be adopted so we are now taking applications for Pebbles’ puppies.

They are a mix of brown and white and black and white and have various spotted patterns on them.  We know that Pebbles is all GSP and quite active and expect them to be equally active little GSP mixes.

If you are interested in adopting one of Pebbles’ puppies, please complete an adoption application.

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