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Penny is Adopted!

Penny GSP adopt Rescue dogPenny, (now Holly) is living happily in her forever home! Pat and Josie could see pretty quickly what a sweet and well-mannered GSP Penny was, and Josie had a new name picked out before even leaving the rescue!

We’ve heard back that Holly is behaving well in their home and has adapted nicely to her new life. They tell us she very much enjoys her big back yard and twice-a-day hour walks.

Pat and Jose tell us “She is still a challenge if let loose on the front yard, wanting to run the entire neighborhood to find rabbits and squirrels” and ” we are very happy and believe she is as well.”

Thanks Pat and Josie for giving a great dog a new life!

Penny is Adopted, but we have many wonderful dogs waiting for their forever homes. Take a look at our available dogs here. Take a look at our available dogs here.


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