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Penny Is Adopted!

We are happy to announce that Penny is adopted! She’s been in her new home for a couple of months now, and things are going even better than her adopters hoped for!  She has settled, (well, as much as a 3-year-old GSP is settled!) into her new home and routine nicely, and her adopters, Susan and Christian, couldn’t be happier.

Susan and Christian had adopted from the California GSP Rescue before and knew that lots of exercise and training were key to keeping a GSP happy and out of trouble! They make sure that Penny gets a run and walk, plus training. They’ve been quite surprised and happy with how responsive she has been to their commands and how well she comes when called. They are working with pulling, but she is also exceeding their expectations there as well. 

Penny is quite lucky that “mom” works out of their home and Penny gets to greet and interact with the clients each day. In her former home, her owner had lots of time to spend with her and train her, however, a move, long commute to work, and not enough time for Penny led to him giving her up. Lucky for Penny, he sought out the CA GSP Rescue to rehome her. Knowing Susan and Christian would provide the exercise and structure a young GSP needs to thrive, we arranged to have them come meet her – it was love at first sight! She now gets the attention she deserves each day – just what her former owner hoped for.  

While Penny can’t replace Pete, their former rescue and a character in his own right, she is placing her own stamp on their lives. She is affectionate and cuddly, goofy and sweet. Penny doesn’t offer the climbing and escape challenges Pete did, but will offer some challenges of her own along the way. We know this family is up to the task of the challenges, and will be her forever home!


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