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Pepper Is Adopted!

Pepper’s story began when she got stuck going over a fence and broke her rear leg. Her owners were notified when she was picked up by animal control, but couldn’t afford the surgery. It appeared the only option they had for Pepper was euthanasia until California GSP Rescue stepped in. This was one of those not-a-minute-to-waste saves. If we were to have any chance of her keeping her leg, we’d have to get her and have the surgery done quickly.

She was picked up immediately, and had the surgery the next day, and we were very optimistic. After surgery, she went into foster care, and made a full recovery, resuming her energy of a young 3 year old GSP!

Once Pepper was available for adoption, we received an application from Cathy who was looking for a young energetic GSP to accompany her daughter, Nicole on runs, and be a companion for her 8 year old Cockapoo, Savannah. And we had one more requirement, that the dog would be able to get along with their cat, Joey. Pepper’s energy was a perfect fit, she got along well with other dogs, though, she could be a little bossy sometimes. When we cat tested her, she showed a little interest, but nothing that we felt could not be managed with proper introductions. We invited Cathy and Nicole out with their dog to meet Pepper, and everything went very well, and they took her home to join their family.

After getting Pepper home, there were some challenges, and Cathy wasn’t sure if they were the right home for her, but she reached out to us, and we helped her work through the issues, giving her suggestions and things to try, and they worked like a charm!

We recently received a couple of updates since Pepper went home. Cathy also sent us some photos that we will share on our Facebook page, that just make our hearts smile!

“Thanks for everything. We are madly in love with Pepper. She’s settling in well and getting along with our other dog. She’s afraid of the cat, so that’s good!  We’re so in love with her.  She’s such a good, smart girl.  Nicole wants to rename her Indiana or Indy for short. I think the cat situation will settle down soon – it’s actually the cat that’s a problem LOL.  He chases her around the house.  It’s a sight.  

I think we’re over the crisis point. Nicole’s been working on teaching her different tricks and we’ve played hide and seek. She’s settled down more  with the cat. I think she was just testing her limits with us.  

She continues to do really well!  In fact, we almost can’t remember not having her as part of the family.  She and the cat have actually become friends – they play together even.  So glad we worked through the rough patch. We both said this morning – this is our dog, she’s not going anywhere”!

Thank you Cathy and Nicole for working with Pepper through some challenges, and bringing out the dog she was meant be!  She is one lucky girl!

Happy life Indy!  

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