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Pepper is safe!

Pepper showed up at a shelter last week with hopes of being reclaimed by her owner. When no one showed up, CA GSP Rescue didn’t waste any time as she could be transferred from the small shelter to a high kill shelter on any day after the waiting period. On short notice, sometimes sacrifices have to be made to see the dogs we rescue make it to safety.

Tuesday, when none of the other volunteers near the small remote shelter were available, California GSP Rescue’s Founder Jan, after voting, hopped in her van and drove over two hours to see Pepper was safe.

The shelters policy is to spay/neuter after the dogs are adopted/rescued which made it necessary to plan a second trip. Fortunately, other volunteers were available to pick up Pepper after she was spayed and transport her to safety.

A huge thanks to Jan for helping get Pepper to safety and continuing to inspire others with her passion and commitment to German Shorthaired Pointers in need.


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