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Phoebe Is Safe!

Phoebe was adopted from us when she was a year old. She showed up at a local animal shelter as a stray and they called us since she has our microchip. We tried many means to get a hold of the person who adopted her 5 years ago with no luck. The shelter held her for a week in case they came to claim her – but they didn’t .

The shelter adopted Phoebe to a family instead of holding her for us, which was a mistake, as per our contract, she was supposed to be returned to us. That family brought her back to the shelter a couple of weeks later because she killed a skunk and was hunting their property too much. It is possible she went after a cat, but the shelter was not sure about that.

We were monitoring Phoebe, and when we had heard that she was returned to the shelter, we made arrangements with volunteers Bob and Belle, who wasted no time to get her to safety. Many thanks to Bob and Belle for stepping up to pull and transport Phoebe to the rescue.

We are learning more about Phoebe, and getting to know her. Be sure to watch our website, as Phoebe will be available for adoption very soon.

As an all volunteer organization, we depend upon the support of your generous donations to continue our efforts to rescue dogs like Phoebe.

Please consider making a one time donation, or become a Rescue Hero with a recurring monthly donation. Any amount you can give is very much appreciated, and rest assured that your donation is helping provide for the dogs and not paying someone’s salary.

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