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Phoenix’s Christmas Wish List!

Phoenix Christmas Wish GSP Mix RescuePhoenix has a Christmas wish list, and we are hoping you can help. He has quite a personality. He is the dog with the soulful eyes that pierce right through you.  Surprisingly Phoenix can talk and has told us a few things he may like to have for Christmas.  We thought we’d pass these along to our followers in case you feel this could be the list you may be able to fulfill for dear Phoenix.

1) Phoenix would like a bath.  He loves the water and just loves a good scrubbing, and a massage of course.

2) Treats! He can do almost any trick for a treat.

3) His very own people to shower his affection on.

4) As a bonus he wouldn’t mind having another dog as a companion.  Phoenix does well with the other dogs and likes to run around the field chasing them now and again.

5) A cat would really be a bonus gift for Phoenix.  He has tested well with cats and says he’d love to have one of his own for Christmas.

6) Some soft toys to carry around, and maybe one or two to destroy every so often.

7) A home to call his own again.  Phoenix is a home dog and just wants to have people, a soft bed, and a home dedicated to his well being.

Phoenix is being well cared for in our rescue.  He is eating well, gets to play with the other dogs, gets a cookie most days and some pets; however, as much as we love him, we feel that Phoenix deserves a forever home and a family of his own where he can thrive.  Learn more about Phoenix here.

Here is a little video of Phoenix singing his rendition of Jingle Bells.

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