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Poppy is making new friends!

PoppyRichard and Ann recently sent us an update on Poppy, and we are delighted to share this happy ending story with you!

“It’s hard to believe we’ve only had Poppy 3 months. She’s so ingrained in our household now that it seems we’ve had her forever. We lost our 16 year old kitty two weeks ago and both Poppy and Duffy have been looking for her. They know something is different in the house.

Cindy and Greg have helped us fill a void I thought couldn’t be filled after losing our beloved GSP. A year ago we decided to look for another GSP, and we contacted CA GSP Rescue and now I have a shadow for life named Poppy, and an endless source of humor and energy.

She’s gained weight and she runs like the wind. We’ll take her to the dog park and she just loves it. She’s much calmer now, I can let both dogs in the house and she’ll stretch out on the couch Poppy relaxingand sleep most of the day if I don’t shoo them outside.

I have been in training with her for a few weeks now and we know four important commands, sit, heal, stop, and come. We are now working on stay, and down. Try to tell your shadow to stay and walk away. I know I can do it. I trained the the worlds greatest dog Scully, our first GSP, to word and silent commands. It is very apparent Poppy is very smart and wants to learn. She now will stop and sit at every street curb without being told. I’m so proud.

The family loves every moment shes around us. She is a full member of the family now. Went to the dog park yesterday and she was the life of the party. ¬†She can out run the rotties and the dobies but then she’d rather just stretch out on the couch for a nap.

Poppy running dog parkPoppy dog park with friendsPoppy running with dobie


Thank you Cindy and Greg… We are so happy to have Poppy. She was worth the wait”!

Poppy running at the dog park


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