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Poppy is safe!

Poppy_A560357w36Poppy & her sister showed up as strays last week at a local high kill shelter. We received several emails letting us know the danger they were in but knew there was nothing we could do until this week when their holds would be up. Over the weekend, Poppy’s sister’s listing disappeared from the shelter’s website and we initially were hopeful that both dogs might have been claimed by their owner but only one listing was removed. However, when we called Monday morning to check on them, we found that Poppy was still there and the owner had only claimed her sister!

California GSP Rescue immediately went into action with a volunteer arriving at the shelter a short time later to rescue Poppy. We were amazed at this young sweet female that had been left at this high kill shelter that was still carrying milk from a recent litter she must have had before turning up at the shelter. Who leaves a recent mother at the shelter? Who would claim one of their dogs and leave the other? While we will never know, we think Poppy is a sweet girl that just got much closer to her forever home.

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