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Princess Leia is Safe!

Leia Was In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Princess Leia Princess Leia is Safe is the final post in a three part series of dogs California GSP Rescue rescued this past Fourth of July holiday. This is the time of year when there is a surge of dogs at the shelter either being given up or as strays. Adoptions tend to wane during this same time and shelters are often overcrowded counting the days the strays have to be held. This year, for California GSP Rescue, the surge didn’t end when everyone went back to work after the holiday weekend. There are several more stories we have yet to tell but first, Princess Leia’s story…

Leia came to the shelter as a stray. Yes, hard to believe that a twelve year old German Shorthaired Pointer could escape a yard but Leia could and did.  She managed to escape during one of the worst times to be a stray at a shelter – over the Fourth of July weekend.

The adoption coordinator didn’t waste time as the shelter had their hands full dealing with stray dogs from the fireworks that were being dropped off by good Samaritans. She knew one rescue that she had contacted in the past to help with German Shorthaired Pointers that were old or needed medical attention. The adoption coordinator reached out to California GSP Rescue for help. Hearing Leia’s story, California GSP Rescue committed to helping.

Leia’s Story

The shelter had explained that after Leia had shown up as a stray, her owners had been contacted. The owners response shocked the shelter staff. They explained to the clerk that they were leaving on vacation for two weeks and would be unable to get her before they returned. The shelter let the owners know they weren’t a boarding kennel and couldn’t hold Leia for two weeks. There were stray dogs showing up daily and they were doubtful she would be adopted in the time they could afford to give her in a kennel. The owners, oblivious to what happens to most old dogs at shelters, replied that they didn’t care. They were leaving and would relinquish Leia to the shelter. While the owners took off on their vacation, Leia sat in her kennel waiting as other stray dogs continued to show up.

Leia was a purebred German Shorthaired Pointer. She wasn’t a mischievous young GSP that would have been difficult for someone to manage. Leia was a senior GSP well past chewing shoes and digging out. She, unlike some of the younger more athletic GSPs, was pretty easy going. She didn’t look to be a dog that would ever challenge a fence. When it comes to easy to care for, Leia, like most Senior GSPs, was as easy as it gets.

Waiting in Her Kennel

Leia sat in her kennel and waited as the barks of the other dogs echoed.  She would soon learn there wouldn’t be many visitors stopping to look at an older dog. She would spend most of her time laying on the kennel floor watching families walk by. Uninterested in an older dog they would be looking for much younger dogs to adopt. She didn’t seem to pay much attention to the man that stood in front of her kennel with the video camera. Leia most likely thought he was like one of the many other visitors looking for another type of dog. He certainly wasn’t looking her but she didn’t know the staff of the shelter had taken a liking to her.

The man seemed to stand in front of the kennel longer than others. He had gone from standing to kneeling. Leia approached to investigate. After he attempted to give her pets, she laid down extending her paws under the kennel gate. Extending an offer for a trusting relationship where she would be loved for the years she had remaining. The man, seemed to understand and petted her extended paw. The man walked away toward the door from which he had entered leaving her like so many others that had passed by earlier.

Leaving The Shelter

The volunteer went to the front desk to take care of the paperwork pausing to view a kitten that did everything she could to get his attention. With so much effort being shown, how could she not yet be adopted. Unlike the Senior GSP, the volunteer knew young cats, like young dogs, had a much better chance of being adopted. Back in the lobby there was some excitement as someone had brought in a box of ducklings and was being ushered out for fear of spreading Newcastle disease. There would be an additional wait as the area had to be sanitized before anyone could pass.

A short time after the corridor was reopened, Leia was taking her first steps toward freedom. Even though she appeared anxious not knowing what was going on, she recognized and moved toward the volunteer. The man she recognized had taken the time to stop and visit her. The volunteer petted her before taking the leash and going to the car. Princess Leia was safe. The volunteer was to drive to LAX that night before going on his vacation.

What Happens Now

Senior dogs like Princess Leia, even though they are easy to care for, aren’t easy to place. While she went home to be fostered with the volunteer that rescued her, that isn’t her forever home. Her foster home will make sure she is taken care of while California GSP Rescue looks for her forever home. However, we have a special request. We would like to ask your help. It won’t cost you anything, unless you would like to make a donation or become a Rescue Hero. We are asking anyone that has read Princess Leia’s story to share this post as we strongly believe there is someone that will read her story and give her a forever home. That someone just might be the person you share her story with. Thank you in advance for helping Princess Leia.


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