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Pumpkin and Spice are Safe!

Spice A473764When we first heard about Spice, we heard that she had been turned into a local high kill shelter by her owner that was “having problems”. One look at her photo, even though she looked emaciated and was a GSP Mix, we knew we could help find her a home. She reminded us of a few dogs we had rescued and found forever homes for in the past.

As we were making plans to rescue Spice, we learned that she had been turned in with another GSP Mix, Pumpkin, that also looked a lot like another GSP we had previously placed. As a breed specific rescue, California GSP Rescue has to be careful about the Mixes we take in and place. Look at the dogs at any shelter and you will certainly see a “GSP Mix” that looks more like another breed entirely than a GSP. We are often emailed about dogs in shelters that are white and liver or that have “pointed” at a bird or small animal, two traits that aren’t exclusive to GSPs. While we can’t rescue all the Mixes in the shelters, we do help with the ones that look most like GSPs that we feel confident we can place. With Pumpkin and Spice, we didn’t want to take a chance and leave them in the shelter any longer thanPumpkin A473763 necessary. With names like Pumpkin and Spice and the Autumn holidays here, how could we take one and leave the other?

California GSP Rescue is happy to announce that both Pumpkin and Spice are safe! Both dogs are putting on weight and doing well. Very soon, both will be up on our website as we learn more about them.

A big thanks to all the individuals that took the time to notify us about both dogs, and those that made donations to help cover expenses.

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