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Pumpkin Finds Her Forever Home!

Forever Home Pumpkin GSP dog Pointer rescueKevin and Dana waited quite a while to find the right dog for their home.  They wanted a younger female and we just simply haven’t had many of them become available for adoption recently. They were open to a mix and were “just looking for a good dog”.

When Pumpkin became available, they came out to meet her and another male dog. They took Pumpkin for a walk and noted she was a little shy and timid with them and initially felt she may not be a good fit.  They then took the other dog we had matched them up with that Kevin also thought would be the right fit for them for a walk and enjoyed his outgoing and confident nature. However, something about Pumpkin still had them considering her and they took her again for a walk.  You could see her warming up to them as they gave her more and more attention to the point that she laid on Kevin’s lap (claiming him as her’s).

Dana was open to either dog, and after a considerable amount of thought, and working with each of the dogs, Kevin decided that Pumpkin was a good fit for them.

She’s been home with them and they are teaching her how to go up and down the stairs with some helpful treats and planning to take her to Lake Havasu for the holidays.

We think this little girl (now named Moxie) will be the “good dog” Kevin and Dana have been looking for with their thoughtful guidance.


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