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Puppy Oreo is Adopted!

Puppy Oreo Puppy Oreo is Adopted! Samantha and Darrell adopted Puppy Oreo and renamed her Leia. We recently received a wonderful email from them on how Princess Leia is doing:

“Leia is great and so smart! With a new puppy, potty training remains a work in progress, she can already “come,” “sit” and “lay down.” Her favorite toys are her bumper, her storm trooper, and bully sticks. She had her stitches taken out last week (from her spay) and so far likes the vet. Everyone at the office loves her and go gaga every time she comes in. She isn’t a huge fan of her leash, but we are going slow and working with her often.
Daryl stays home with her during the day while he is working and so far is helping her get used to a routine quickly. She is a very good girl and we love her so much!”
It is such a great gift for all of the volunteers to see wonderful adopters adopt wonderful dogs, (and puppies), and dedicate the time and energy to them so they can reach their full potential.

We have many wonderful dogs available for adoption.  If you are looking to add a new family member, take a look at our available dogs here. 
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