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Queenie a “Black GSP” Is Safe

Queenie the Black GSPWhen we heard that there was a “black GSP” at a local shelter, we immediately inquired with the shelter. While they do exist, Southern California sees very few of them. The shelter wasn’t sure why or how the young black dog was classified as a German Shorthaired Pointer but suggested we come check her out and give our opinion if she was still available on Monday. When they added she would be available to the public for adoption over the weekend, we didn’t think the young black GSP would still be available come the first of the week.

Monday morning comes and a call is made to the shelter. “Yes, she’s still here and available. You can find her in the public kennels” we were told.  Curious as to why she wasn’t adopted and still doubtful she’d be there when the volunteer arrived at the shelter, the volunteer headed to learn more about this young black dog classified as a GSP.

On the first pass by the kennel, the volunteer missed her. She was sitting far back in the kennel so that the kennel to anyone not stopping to take a closer look, appeared empty. When she was taken out of her kennel to evaluate, it was clear why she hadn’t been adopted over the weekend. She was scared to death. Overwhelmed by the barking in the strange place she had spent the past several weeks, she sought protection under the tree. While afraid, she gave kisses to the animal control officer and our volunteer. As sweet as she was, there was little chance most families visiting the shelter to adopt would take a chance on a young black dog that was afraid of her own shadow.

Knowing that dogs like Queenie have little chance of being adopted and that her time to be adopted at the shelter would soon be out, California GSP Rescue made the decision to rescue her. We thought getting her out of the shelter environment and working with her on socializing, her chances of being adopted would increase substantially. She was sweet, cute, and Queenie was safe!

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