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Question – Which Dog is “too old”?

Cork_Augie_DSC_0266 copy_w64One of the dogs in the picture to the left was surrendered to the shelter because he was “too old” and the family didn’t have time for an old dog. We’d like you to answer the following question:

Which dog pictured in the photo to the left is “too old”?

A) Augie (the dog on the left).

B) Cork (the dog on the right)

C) Neither dog is “too old”

Before you answer, keep in mind, we are asking which dog is “too old” not which dog was given up at the shelter and then rescued.

The correct answer is C. Neither dog is “too old”.

Augie, the dog on the left, was born shortly after his Mother was rescued from a high kill shelter. He might still be a little “too young” for a few things but is definitely not “too old”. Augie, mainly because of his age, received a lot of attention along with his brothers and sisters who have all been adopted.

Cork, the dog on the right was  indeed the dog surrendered to the shelter because he was “too old” but is he really “too old”? “Too old” for what? He’s been active when in the field; loves getting attention, has the Velcro quality of a GSP and will lean into you for pets; and gets along with all the dogs both young and old alike. Unlike some dogs who do not find young dogs amusing, Cork seemed to immediately take to Augie. Cork appears to be the “perfect age” for anyone not having an hour or more in a day to exercise a young dog but wants a dog that will be a good companion on walks and hikes.

If you are considering adopting, consider an adult or older GSP. Sometimes older GSPs are the perfect age to be perfect pets!



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